Serving Suggestions

I love The Candle Kitchen’s cake candles, and, it seems, so do you.  They are still our most popular line.

However, I’m the first to admit that the natural beeswax colour lends itself more easily to the chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, ginger and coffee end of the icing colour spectrum.  What if a certain birthday someone loves strawberries, pink icing or marshmallows?  Maybe they hanker after a cake that resembles a football, a unicorn or a beluga whale?  Birthdays are days for getting what you want with a cherry on the top.

So I’m now making cake candles with white beeswax.  Nothing added, just the colour taken out, they still have that long burn and mildly honey-like scent, and they look great on a wide range of celebratory cakes.

Fairy cakes with white beeswax candles

Psst… a little secret here, one of our trade customers is currently trialling our first batch of mixed coloured cake candles.  Ask me, and I’ll let you know where in the UK they are.  Ask really nicely, and I’ll pop some of the left-over pink ones in your box when you order.  (While stocks left-over pink ones last).

The flowers on the fairy cakes above were made with sliced marshmallows (lightly oil your knife first) dipped into coloured sugar.*

White beeswax cake candles on a cake

*recipe from Betty Crocker