Jennifer HodgesHello, my name is Jennifer Hodges and I am the founder of The Candle Kitchen. Its candles have sold around the world and have been featured in various publications including Period Living Magazine and The Independent Newspaper. 

It all started when I was twelve. My parents bought me a candle-making kit for kids. I was hooked,  I loved the wax, the colours, the meltingness of it all and did little else until it was confiscated two weeks later following an unfortunate incident involving a coffee table.

I had turned twenty-two before my mother judged that I was old enough for another kit and I’ve been making candles ever since.  I love experimenting and I’ve developed my own techniques, followed my nose, run candle-making workshops, and found inspiration everywhere including flora and florna, literature, art, and fashion. An overly sensitive sense of smell became a blessing when I was trained in blending natural fragrances,

I'm delighted to have introduced fairtrade lanterns and candle holders into my shop, partly because I just like looking at them but they also complement the candles whilst maintaining an ethical approach to business.

I have spent two decades in business as an independent learning and development consultant, specialising various aspects of people management including soft skills and employment legislation.  I enjoy working for myself and providing the best possible professional service to clients and customers.

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