Gifts for Friends: Is it the thought that counts?

Many Decembers ago, as I was visiting a busy friend, a horrified look came over her face and she told me she’d forgotten to buy me a Christmas present. We were in her kitchen at the time and she was making preparations for a Christmas dinner she was going to cook for 26 people. No, you didn’t read that wrong, it actually was 26 people. A few hours later, she presented me with a wrapped gift that turned out to be A Daily Calendar of Calm. I think someone had tried to give her calm for Christmas and had failed, but she pulled off a wonderful Christmas dinner with it in short supply.

Aside from the usefulness of having a neutral, wrapped gift tucked away for the kind of emergencies that happen to us all, what struck me about this event is how often what we give a friend is bath oil, a bracelet or a scarf. And what we’d really like to give her are more hours in the day, an appreciative boss and the ability to love her thighs.

Gifts for Friends

One birthday, I watched a hostess unwrap the books, Women Who Love Too Much, Loving Him Without Losing Yourself, and Men Who Hate the Woman Who Love Them in succession. Each gift had been from a different guest and there was a small silence before someone’s partner said:

“Hmm, I think there’s a theme developing here..”

Then there was another small silence before the birthday lady was simultaneously offered more white wine, a filo spinach roll and a non-book shaped gift that turned out to be a rather attractive teapot. The thought can be loud and clear but there are times in our lives we’d rather have the teapot. And the wine.

So I’m not someone who thinks it’s only the thought that counts.  I’d like it to be both. The thought that says, I know you, I value you, and the carefully wrapped, handmade original things of beauty that we’d never have found or bought for ourselves.  Something that carries that thought and communicates it every time we use it.

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In the spirit of offering both the loving wishes and an original object of beauty, I highly recommend these candles.  They each have meaning and are embedded with semi-precious stones. My customers have been reporting back that recipients are delighted by them and there are few things more delightful than delighting a friend.

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